Is something wrong with me ?

Today was twice in a row that I didn’t fell asleep as soon as I sat in my car. My campus is a 30 minute ride away from my home, and those 30 minutes are precious to me. It is the time I catch up on my sleep, take a nap while I travel to my internship at IDEA. Or sometimes, when I can’t sleep anymore I just stare out of the window and think about random topics.
Today, well it is different.
I have a weird kind of headache when I travel these days. A certain kind of boredom, maybe. So today I tried getting rid if the boredom. In the hope, it will help me get rid of the headache. I tried the reader at WordPress. Which didn’t help. I tried jumping my eyes from one Bougainvillea tree to another,  making sure they see only pink little flowers. I tried closing my eyes, laying my head back and listening to music. As it turned out, I really had to concentrate to no help.


Gosh. Nothing would help.
And certainly, now does not. Waiting for best friend of mine in the scorching heat at Hauz Khas Village. After a lot of work. This is so not helping. Hauz Khas Village is a youthful place. It has a central fort that I believe must have been really beautiful in some day.


Today, it remains to be a rocky spot where friends, lovers, artists hang out. You come here any day, and are sure to find a bunch of some college band folks giving the place such a nice ambience. I always try to find such a group, and sit nearby. After all, what is better than talking to your friend and having great music in the background. But today ? Naah. Today I didn’t even try so. I looked for a shady corner and made my place.
However, I don’t think it’s the fort that gives HKV it’s fame. I think, it’s the surrounding lounges, cafes and lots of chill out places. Also, amidst all the eating joints are the super-expensive handicraft and designer dress’ stores


I sigh relief as clouds and a cool breeze take over. But, I don’t like to wait. And this is too much ! Hmph ! I have seen, some people just don’t mind waiting, for however long you make them wait. Patience! Maybe I could learn something from them, if they let me. Or maybe no one minds to wait and something is just wrong with me ?


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