Making an Online Presence. Easy or Rocket Science?

One thing that I have learnt on being part of IDEA is, that all the mentors and lot of students who are part of the course, have a strong online presence. If not strong, they have a decent enough presence.  It is very important to make yourself heard. However, for that, I believe the stuff you say should be worth hearing (too obvious isn’t it?)

So, I started searching on few tools (or tips, for that matter) that can help build your online presence or strengthen the already not-so-existing one (like my own, for now I hope).

  • Know your audience and connect Well, this is lot more easy to research upon when you have a blog that sticks to a specific industry or enterprise. You know who you are targeting and you can attract audience from that very community. One way to drive people to your blog can be writing on other blogs. Add more value to the community you want to interact with (Now do not be selfish and save your best ideas for your own blog. ADD VALUE, and do not add just quantity)
  • Design and Formatting Even though in every age, we like to believe on the morally high “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder” statement, sometimes it just does not work that way! Your site has to look visually appealing. I totally agree with Alli when she says YOU HAVE 10 SECONDS TO GRAB YOUR AUDIENCES ATTENTION. Ten seconds. For this, info-graphics are a great tool too ! They capture all the information and a person can have the idea of what you have to tell really faster than all the text content.
  • Writing Matters  Because all the design and whatever formatting you put on your THE PAGE does not matter if all that you have written in text is unstructured sentences, poor grammar, a topic that no one cares about, or would not want to read, ever! Making sure your text is read-able is one thing but it is read-worthy is even more important thing in your list of Goals-to-achieve. Also, people do not want lengthy stuff to read to get the info they need. It is always preferable if points are underlined, bold, italicised, capitalised etcetera !
  • Be at more than one place, at once Online presence is not about making a blog and putting all your energy into it. It is more like making of a successful event. You can’t stand there, and work with publicity team and expect all others to follow. By that, I mean being on various platforms is essential. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Medium etcetera..
  • Track You write, write and write more but how do you know it is making a difference? that, you are making a difference? If you do not track the trends on your website with Analytics feature you would not know what was beneficial for your blog or what was not. This only helps you get to know your community more
  • Keep learning  This one never gets outdated ! Even though you read a lot about something, got inspired and wrote a post on it, do not stop learning about it. It is always great to get to know more and add to the pool of your knowledge. Ask people for their opinions or their thoughts on the topic. And, maybe, just maybe if you learn a lot about something including a few high somethings you can go on to write another post about it !

With this done, I hope everybody gets new to learn, read, write about cause I certainly did.

Let me know what you think.

Stay a learner. Stay ahead of yester-you!


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