Too many directions. One me.

With summers around, you say goodbye to your college friends as everybody heads to their place. At the same time, you get to catch up with all of the friends you had bid a heavy heart goodbye to, few months back. Gosh. Summers are great !

It is my first summer college break. So far, it has been great ! I am assisting a P.hd student and a Professor from Stanford University with their event “IDEA”. Short for  Innovate Delhi Entrepreneurship Academy,  it is a 3 week-long course that aims at teaching Indian students about Design Thinking. I can not really go into the technical details, because I’m not that well versed with it, but, do check it out. Pretty cool stuff. So, IDEA is going to occupy me till the end of June as the event ends on 22nd June 2014.

This leaves my July unoccupied. I could just stay in, catch up with my friends, relax, for all I care. However, that will probably drive me nuts. I do not want that for myself. Or anybody. So I thought, and last post was about this, of completing my self-growth credits. I wish to take up some course. If not that, at least learn something new, by myself. Something they won’t teach me in undergrad school really. So I browsed, and searched, and looked for options. As it turns out, that is all that I have done, for I got so confused. There are so many options, so many exciting and interesting things to learn ! Gosh.  Here are few options that I found and I probably might end up doing at least one of these, if not more. If you like any of these ideas, you should try giving a go too !

  • Website Design    I am totally in love with this one. I am awestruck every time I see creative design on some domain. I feel inspired. Some voice inside of me goes “Oh my lord of envy! I want the talent their designer possesses!”. I know I will have to learn HTML5, CSS, JavaScript for front end development, which is my prime focus. I plan to eventually learn web frameworks too. Also, I think I should know these because am a CSE student.
  • Photography    Having recently bought a new DSLR (Canon 600D), I had planned on attending a full-time photography course this summer. But then, IDEA happened and that plan just could not work out. However, I plan on watching online tutorials, reading blogs or if things work out attend a short-term course nearby.
  • Guitar lessons    I have had a guitar for too long now. It turned out to be one of my hobbies which faded away as fast as they evolved as one, if not faster. I got L&M guitar lessons from one of my friends, and I must say, they are pretty good. With a book and video tutorials, they are sufficient enough to get you started and going.
  • Reading    Okay, I know some might believe I won’t be learning anything by this one, but, I differ.  I think reading not only has been one of my favourite pastime, it has helped me improve. It takes you to worlds you won’t travel to otherwise and well, sometimes, all of it stays with you long after you have turned the last page.
  • Coding    This is something I have to definitely do. Not because I should do it, but I want to do it. This summer, I really want to get better at programming. Simple.

I think this is it, with ideas that I came up with. If I have anymore new ideas, I’ll definitely share ! If you have any cool suggestions, you should definitely share !



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