On a road to learning

I always wanted to start my blog.  I always imagined how it will be, what it will look like, what will be its name, what it will be about etcetera. That train of thought always led me nowhere, but to a confusing land with so many doors to open for myself. My main purpose of writing was because I wanted to inspire people. I know that is a far off destination and the journey is not-so easy. I will be really happy to even help people share. Along the way I would get to share what I see, what I feel and what i learn, most importantly, about various things.

I got this opportunity, finally, because of my institute’s policy on Self-Growth credits. Yes, that is right. Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi wants its students to focus 40 hours(or obviously more, as per ones interest) out of their 4-year degree on learning something new. Something that preferably enhances them as a person, from who they are.  So, this is how Young.Crazy.Old.Wise has come into being.

However, Young.Crazy.Old.Wise is not going to be about me completing my Self-Growth course. I see Y.C.O.W being alive long after I have got those 2 credits. I already feel like a mother who has to nurture this little baby of hers and while I am at it, I hope to evolve and become a better person too. I would never classify it as a blog of particular genre. Sometimes, it might be about what is going in my life , or it might take a turn to being about some art from music, photography to even graphic designing. It might come one after another, or everything at once. And, I hope you stay and bear with me happily through the times to come.





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